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Beijing’s Geriatric Glee Clubs

Jingshan Park Sunday Dancers

Some of our most joyful – not to mention photo-worthy – moments happen when we stumble across old folk enjoying themselves en masse on Beijing’s streets. There aren’t many countries where you’ll find septuagenarians dancing and singing with wild abandon in public. So if you’re yet to have this quintessential Beijing moment, allow us to help you out a little. Here’s where to find your nearest (Geriatric) Glee Club.

Strictly Come Waltzing
Every night, in the square between the Drum and Bell Towers, you’ll find Beijing’s more elegant couples doing a spot of ballroom dancing to the strains of Li Guyi or Yan Weiwen. In other words the music they ‘courted’ to. While they waltz around the square, others watch from the sidelines. A very sweet little scene. Why not grab a coffee from a nearby café and sit and watch for a while?

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There are numerous reasons why Temple Restaurant deserves to have a great fuss made about it – but for the sake of brevity we’ll try to keep it to one. Put simply, no other restaurant in Beijing occupies such a spectacular and inspiring space.

Housed in a 600-year old Temple complex, Temple Restaurant Beijing (TRB for short) is actually just one part of the whole, with several event spaces; an as-yet-unfinished boutique hotel and even a carpet museum all contained within the ancient set of buildings.

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The legal pick me up: Jingshan Park

Hands down our favourite park in Beijing. And here’s why…

We’d like to thank the brilliant Genevieve Carmel and Bespoke’s own Keith Luu for the rather superb editing displayed here. Hat’s off guys.


The Temple Hotel

‘The Temple Hotel’ near Jingshan Park may finally be worthy of its title! After years of delays, the beautiful Songzhu Temple is finally morphing into an 8-bedroom boutique hotel and restaurant due to open by the end of the year. Light installations by James Turrell, a restaurant by former Maison Boulud man Ignace Lecleir, and a viewing gallery of antique Tibetan rugs are all on the cards. We can’t wait.


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